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  • Explore, develop and conduct applied scientific research on issues related to Digital Libraries and Electronic Commerce
  • Identify, develop, and demonstrate new applications and be instrumental in the transfer of technology to sponsor organizations
  • Foster a multi-disciplinary research program that brings together researchers from a diverse set of areas including computer information systems, computer science, environmental science, healthcare, marketing, finance and economics, and industrial engineering, and utilize results and resources of the other centers located within as well as outside Rutgers,
  • Sponsor technical workshops and seminars that address timely research challenges
  • Serve the community through outreach activities by providing education and mentor programs for inner city youth
  • CIMIC Research Center

    Recent growth in computer power and connectivity has penetrated into the daily lives of humans. Industry has responded to this growth by capitalizing on the advances in science technology and has been working on the research and development of new applications that lead to the invention of new products and services. Today, electronic information is being created by many people and data is being gathered in many forms and formats, stored in many repositories around the world, and is becoming increasingly interconnected via electronic networks. These developments have fostered the new area of digital libraries, which is concerned with managing and bringing coherence, usability, and accessibility to this very large amount of distributed complex data, and with transforming such data into information and knowledge. iAnother aspect that has been tremendously impacted by this growth and development of information technologies is the way business is being conducted. This has paved the way to a new area, electronic commerce. The commercialization and privitization of the Internet and its successive increase in popularity a few years ago are the foundations which began to propel the growth in e-commerce. This growth is reflected in organizations such as IBM, who have recently established a Center for EC research, and European Initiative on EC. The research and development in digital libraries and electronic commerce, on one hand requires expertise from multiple disciplines of science and technology because of the complex nature of the problems faced, while on the other hand, impacts a number of science and business areas, which calls for multidisciplinary research. By collaborating with researchers and industry experts from various disciplines, CIMIC provides a platform for multidisciplinary, integrated research and development activities. As an example, QDMS, a data warehousing prototype developed at CIMIC has been adopted by a commercial consulting company, MFG Systems Inc., and is presently being marketed.