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CIMIC faculty
Dr. Nabil R. Adam
Founding Director, Distinguished Professor, MS/IS Department, Rutgers University, X5239
Dr. Vijay Atluri
Director of Research, Professor, MS/IS Department, Rutgers University , X1642
Dr. Soon Ae Chun
Professor, City University of New York: CSI and the Grad Center, X1608
Dr. Basit Shafiq
Research Assistant Professor, CIMIC, Rutgers University, X2713
Dr. Jaideep Vaidya
Professor, MS/IS Department, Rutgers University, X1441
Dr. Hui Xiong
Professor, MSIS Department-Rutgers University, X5261



CIMIC PhD Students and Research Associates
Hafiz Asif , (2014-current)
Debopriya Ghosh, (2015- current)
Zamil Alzamil, (2013-current)
Ussama Yaqub, (2013-current)
Sheng Cheng Yuan Tsinghwa University, Beijing Chi na (2014-2015)
Lorenzi, David, (current)


Escort ElazığEscort Bingöl
CIMIC Masters, Undergraduate Students and Research Associates
Ujwal Reddy MS in Information Technology & CIMIC (2015-current)
Supreeth Nunna MS in Information Technology & CIMIC (2016-current)
Konstantin Kouptsov MS in Information Technology & CIMIC (2016-current),
Amol Kumtakar MS in Information Technology & CIMIC (2016-current)
Chanukya Reddy Ayapaneni MS in Information Technology & CIMIC (2015-2016), Deloitte
Divya Behara Venkata MS in Information Technology & CIMIC (2015-2016), Deloitte
Vidu Mishra MS in Information Technology & CIMIC (2015)
Neelima Vegesna MS in Information Technology & CIMIC (2013-2015)


Daphna Shwarts-Asher Ph.D., Tel Aviv University, Israel   (2014- )
Elena Ferrari Ph.D., University of Millan, Italy  
Louise Huang
Mahir Nakip Erciyes University, Turkey
Erich Neuhold GMD-IPSI, Darmstadt, Germany
Bracha Shapira Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Dr. Pablo Campos Servicio Agricola y Ganadero, Coyhaique. Chile


Bruno Spinelli University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), Summer 2015 Brazil  
Aneesh Gupta IIT, India, Summer 2007  
Mayank Jain IIT KGP, India Summer 2006  
Will Hayworth NY High School Student, Summer 2005 & 2006  
Daniel Popper 
Harvard University, Summer 2003  
Avneet Bansal 
Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi, Summer 2003  
Christian Estop Aragones  Fairleigh Dickinson University International Students  
Sara Babystsky  Hofstra University  
Jhonathan Delegro  High School, Summer 2005  
Alexander Marti Donati  Dickinson University International Students  
Carles Malagarriga Fandos  Dickinson University International Students  
Jose Carlos Alsonso Garcia  Dickinson University International Students  
Kiva Grants   High School, summer 2005  
Megan Hladek  American Fisheries Society  
David Kafrouni  Bergen Catholic  
Carlos M. Rymer  Union Hill High School, Project Seed  
Iris Velazquez  Fairleigh Dickinson University International Students  
Anna LIuch Vernet  Fairleigh Dickinson University International Students  
Norman Yao  Ridge High School, Liberty Science Center  
Timothy DenHerder-Thomas  Hudson Tech High School, Project Seed  


Past Affiliated Members
Dr. Francisco Artigas Director of Meadowlands Research Institute,
New Jersey Meadowlands Commission  
Dr. Kirk Barrett Director of Passaic River Institute, Montclair State University,
Dr. Lubo Liu Researcher
Dr. Jason Yang Department of Geography, Ball State University
Dr. Kenneth W. Able Director of Marine Field Station, Rutgers University
Dr. Peter Allen Dept of Computer Science , Columbia University
Dr. Walid G. Aref Dept of Computer Science, Purdue University
Dr. Tamar Barkay Dept of Biochemistry & Microbiology, Rutgers University
Dr. Carolyn Summerill Bentivegna Seton Hall University
Dr. C. J. Chang US Bureau of Customs Serv. and Border Protection, Homeland Security
Dr. Robert J Chant Institute of Marine and Coastal Studies, Rutgers University
Dr. Luis R. Cortes Office of National Risk Assessment (ONRA, Homeland Security
Dr. Joan Ehrenfeld Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources Dept, Rutgers University
Dr. Ahmed Elmagarmid Dept of Computer Science, Purdue University
Dr. Stephen E. Flynn Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Dr. Aryya Ganopadhyay UMBC
Dr. Alexander Gates Chair and Director of Environmental Science Dept, Rutgers University
Dr. Robert Grossman Natl Center for Data Mining Dept of Math/Stats/CS, U. of Illnois
Dr. Dittmar Hahn Department of Chemical Engineering, NJIT
Dr. Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou Assoc Research Scientist Dept of Comp Sci, Columbia University
Dr. Susan Hoban Assoc Research Scientist, UMBC/NASA
Dr. Charles S Hopkinson Sen Scientist, The Ecosystems Center
Dr. Julie E. Kendall School of Business, Camden Rutgers University
Dr. Kenneth Kendall School of Business, Camden Rutgers University
Dr. Tao Lin Corporate Research Center, SAP Labs
Dr. Robert Marks Ben Gurion University, Israel
Dr. Kathleen R. McKeown Dept. of Computer, Columbia University
Dr. Somenath Mitra Dept of Chemical Eng, Chemistry and Env Sci., NJIT
Dr. Ying Fan Reinfelder Dept of Geological Sciences, Rutgers University
Dr. Alan Robock Director Center for Environmental Prediction, Rutgers University
Dr. Lee Slater Dept of Earth and Env Sciences, Rutgers University
Dr. James R. Sutton Managing Associate of McManis Associates, Inc.
Dr. Joseph J. Vallino Ecosystems Center, NASA
Dr. Judith S. Weis Biological Science, Rutgers University
Dr. Peddrick Weis Dept of Anatomy, Cell Bio & Injury Science, Rutgers University
Dr. Aidong Zhang Dept of Computer Science & Engineering, SUNY


Dr. Igg Adiwijaya (2000)
Dr. Soon Ae Chun City University of New York (2003)
Dr. June-Suh Cho Hankuk University, Korea (2001)
Dr. Aryya Ganopadhyay UMBC
Dr. Ahmed Gomaa iMediaStream, Inc. (2006)
Dr. Dihua Guo AT&T (2006)
Dr. Haibing Lu Santa Clara University, CA , (2011)
Dr. Richard Holowczak Dept of Statistics and CIS, CUNY
Dr. Wei-Kuang Huang Op and Info Management Dept, U Connecticut (1998)
Dr. Vandana Janeja Univers ity of Maryland at Baltimore County (2007)
Dr. Aabhas Paliwal
Dr. Li Qin Fairlei gh Dickens University, NJ
Dr. Heechang Shin Iona College (2010)
Dr. Emre Uzun Georgia , (2015)
Dr. Janice Warner Georgian Court University (2007)
Dr. Mahmoud Youssef Rutgers University (2005)
Dr. Songmei Yu (2006) Felician College, NJ